Saturday, May 03, 2008

Short day

We interupt this Sweden trip to show a hat in honor of Kentucky Derby Day. Not your typical Kentucky Derby Hat, but it is a hat. It works.... Now back to the Sweden Post......

The sun was out, and so were the Swedes. Everywhere!!! There was an energy in the air and a giddiness to every ones step. Janitha and I met up with an old friend of hers for drinks at the local "hot spot; to see and be seen." The outside tables (you can see on the right side of the picture) were packed with smokers and other outdoor enthusiasts. We stayed inside, more room, less smoke. Not to mention that Janitha and I are thoroughly spoiled with constant perfect weather, so we let the rest of the sun deprived Swedes enjoy. I headed downstairs to the restroom, and was confronted with 2 nearly identical doors, side by side, that left me in a quandary. Notice the last line, which finally made the decision for me.
We walked around town looking for a place to eat dinner, and passed by this view just as the sun finished setting, and the sky took on a mystical hue, punctuated by the cherry blossoms and cheery buildings near by.

Ah, salmon! It was just exquisite to look upon. As an appetizer I had raw reindeer thinly sliced. Alas, I forgot to take a picture.

Janitha's sister, Jannica and I sat next to each other. We are holding the menu up as a nice reminder of where we were eating. They were nice enough to get me a menu in English.

It is good to be me and have friends to share good times with.

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Lovella said...

I hear you are under the weather. . I'm sorry.
Oh the hat is cute on you for the derby and I saw the salmon and drooled a wee bit.